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Bedbugs, roaches, dogs, 22 cats & woman evacuated from her home

A downtown Jersey City resident was removed from her home after inspectors found her house infested with bed bugs, roaches, cats, and dogs. The house was scattered with animal feces. The landlord than decided to call the police and was trying to get her out of the house in order to get a bed bug exterminator to get rid of the severe problem.

James Boor, the city’s chief health officer, stated “The conditions were horrible and the stench was unbelievable.” ” It was hard to breathe inside. The smell was overpowering”. The tenant was a 60 year old lady with 20 cats and two dogs.

The apartment had a very bad infestation with the roaches and bed bugs. The roaches were mixed in with the cat food and the cats were eating the roaches with the food. The health officer stated, that was the worst situation he has seen in a long time and an exterminator in NJ was needed ASAP to fumigate the house.

The tenant was offered medical treatment as a preventative measure, due to the conditions the tenant was living in, but she denied the treatment.

The tenant was given a summon for creating a public hazard. She may be cited for animal cruelty. This was not the first time city inspectors have reported to the tenants residences.

Long Island Nursing Home Infested with Bed Bugs

The infestation in the nursing home is so bad, the workers keep moving patients from room to room to try to escape and avoid these bed bugs.

Many workers, patients, and visitors are very upset because most of them were not notified about the infestation they had going on at Avalon Gardens nursing home in Smithtown, NY. Visitors were concerned because the nursing home did not get a bed bug control to eliminate the infestation they had going on. They were visiting their parents almost everyday and could have brought a bed bug to their home.

Due to the nursing home not getting a Bedbug exterminator to treat the building, the state Health Department confirmed they are investigating a complaint.

According to one of the workers, Cindy, the nursing home officials continue to move residents from one room to another while new patients are being brought in.

Dogs Sniff for Bed Bugs in Dorms

Colleges are taking precautions to keep bed bugs out of dorms. Specific schools have an exterminator with bed bug sniffing dogs going through dorms to make sure students can sleep with out getting bit.

In Wisconsin, they are using a beagle to sniff out the critters roaming around their colleges.

The dogs are being trained to sniff bed bugs by professionals and are being handed off to exterminators in NJ and other exterminators in different locations.

There has been an out break of bed bugs across the country. Bed bugs are multiplying like never before. Many schools and colleges are doing everything they can to prevent this problem.

Students are noticing that their health and well being are being cared about. Even though bed bugs do not transmit anything infectious, they do bite you when you are asleep. They also multiply fast.

Schools want students and parents’ minds at ease so they can move into a clean and sanitized environment and if there is a problem they can handle it immediately.

House Caught on Fire Trying to Kill Bed Bugs

In Woodbury, NJ, a homeowner set his house on fire trying to kill bed bugs. Instead of getting a bed bug exterminator in NJ to treat the home, he decided to do a treatment of his own.

The homeowner used a space heater, hair dryer and heat gun to try to kill the bed bugs. He knew exterminators in NJ used heating products to kill bed bugs, but he thought he was able to do it on his own.

When the homeowners’ house caught on fire, fire fighters rushed over to put out the fire, but 30 minutes later the house caught on fire again. They later found out that none of the devices were unplugged after the first fire which caused the house to catch on fire again.

Three firefighters were injured and the home owner was hospitalized when they were fighting the fire.

Bed Bugs Attack NYC Schools

In New York City schools, people are saying the bed bug situation is getting worse. Children are learning a tough lesson about bed bugs because they have found their way of life in many classrooms.

A teacher of 23 years stated he has never seen it this bad. Kids are required to now take their book bags and coats, put it in big blue bags, zip them up and hang them up. In the first two months of this school year there were 330 confirmed cases of bed bugs in NYC schools, compared with last year, there were only 135.

Bed bugs have been spreading and the city has been cutting back on exterminators. Nine years ago there were 77 exterminators and 149 pest control aids. Now there are only 33 exterminators and 28 pest control aids. Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer, stated, “No wonder bed bug are winning and thriving in schools”.

The school employees were told if they see a bed bug, they are to catch them, put them in an envelope and mail it to the department of education. When they confirm it is a bed bug, that is when an exterminator will be sent out to exterminate the school. Many parents are upset because they feel as if the bites show enough proof that there are bed bugs.

Landlords Responsible For Bed Bug Exterminations

Legislation that would make landlords responsible for paying for bedbug exterminations has passed an Assembly panel.

Landlords who do not take action and get an exterminator to treat an infestation would face fines of $300 per infested apartment and $1,000 per infested common area.

Reports of bedbug infestations have increased by almost 500 percent in the last decade, due to foreign travelers. Pest control companies in NJ are very busy due to the high population of bed bugs.

It is now a renters’ responsibilities to inform their landlords if bed bugs are detected.

Bed Bugs in Backpacks

A bed bug was found in an Elementary school. A parent of a student, Amanda,  was not letting her son go back to school, because she says the district is not doing enough to handle the bed bug epidemic. The parent went through her son’s clothing carefully to see if any bed bugs had hitched a ride home with him. Amanda had called the super intendant and they stated they were having a bed bug exterminator in NJ, Friday the 15th, two weeks from the day it happened. she called district headquarters and they said they can get a bed bug control in NJ the 15th. They said they could not get them earlier than that. The district headquarters believed an infestation is highly unlikely in the school. Amanda disagreed and she is not letting her son go back to school until the situation is handled.

Bedbugs found in Trenton schools

Bedbugs have been found in two cities in Trenton, fearing parents, teachers, & students of infestation.

Trenton Central High School West sent out a letter to parents last Friday alerting them one bedbug had been found at the school. The schools district building and grounds executive director said the P.J. Hill Elementary School had also discovered they had bed bugs.

The grandmother of a Junior in Trenton Central High School West, Dawn Wilburn, stated her grandson told her he saw bed bugs on his classmates back. He also saw some girls in his class scratching themselves.

Wilburn’s had bedbugs in her apartment before, and had to discard all her furniture. Now, when her grandson goes over, she searches his clothing and backpack before he enters the house.

The director said the district had already cleared down several classrooms and common areas at the West State Street high school campus with alcohol, the state’s mandated treatment from bed bug exterminators in NJ.

The director, Collins, did not want bed bug control in NJ to exterminate because the state did not want harmful chemicals to be sprayed and will be harmful to the kids.

Collins stated schools are trying to pinpoint which student or staff member had a bed bug hitchhike on them, but it’s hard to narrow down.

If a student has bites or is dealing with a bed bug infestation at home, the school will refer the situation to the city’s health and human services department, which will have this department go out and examine the home of the student for bed bugs. If bed bugs are found, the student can not go back to school until the infestation has been treated and eliminated.

Bed Bug Infestation in Jersey City Apartments

Bed Bugs have infested two building in Jersey City. The buildings are next to each other on the West Side Avenue.

The tenants complained to the inspectors at the Jersey City Health Department that their homes were being invaded with bed bugs.

The landlord  was going to send a bedbug exterminator in NJ in a couple days, But after an eyewitness news told him how servere the problem was, he changed his mind and sent the exterminator right away.

A tenant claimed he was walking into the hallways of the building, and saw the bed bugs falling from the ceilings. He picked up a couple bed bugs and kept them as proof.

The tenant opened up a white envelope to show Eyewitness News about a twelve bed bugs she picked up off the hallway floor of her apartment building at 596 West Side Avenue.

She also had found bed bugs on her son and his blanket when she went to wake him up. She was upset that her son had to sleep with the infestation that was going on in the building. She was not letting her son sleep like that again until the landlord got the situation resolved.

Another tenant that resides in the infested Jersey City apartments, had to pick up her daughter from school because when she opened her book bag, bed bugs came crawling out of it.

A bedbug landed on a tenant’s shirt as she walked through the hallway.

One tenant had lived there for 37 years and she says she has never seen something like this.

Tenants on West Side Avenue have complained constantly about bed bugs to the building owner and the Jersey City Health Department.

Bed bug control in NJ sprayed for the nasty pests in March and April and Monday, owner Chris Cerullo hired them to spray again, saying, quote, “We have every intention of fixing it immediately.  These people are important to us and I realize it’s a major problem.”

All tenants are hoping that the extermination that was done eliminates the problem and will be able to get their daily routine done with out them worrying about the infestation.

Many tenants had to discard clothing and furniture due to the severe issue and it had effected all of them.

Jersey City has one of the toughest bed bug laws in the state.

Landlords are required to pay for the exterminator to spray for bed bugs as many times as necessary to stop the problem.

The owner is working to solve the problem, and that can’t happen soon enough for tenants.

Bed Bugs found in William Paterson University in New Jersey

A student in William Paterson University had experienced an issue with bed bugs. The student was fixing her belongings when she had noticed a bed bug on her pillow case. A sophmore had many bites on her arms and the bed bugs had left big welts on her arms. The student tried telling the school to move her into another room, but it was not permitted because the school did not want to contaminate other rooms in the building.

The students were very upset because they had to sleep with uncomfortable bugs living in their rooms. Students claim no one wants to be around them because other people act like they have some type of disease and they feel like outcasts. word spread quickly about which rooms had a bed bug issue. The school did not notice how big the problem was until they had many students file a complaint about having a bed bug issue in their dorm room. they had bed bug exterminators in NJ try to eliminate the problem. The students wanted a bed bug control in NJ to exterminate the whole building, not only the rooms that were infested.