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Families point the finger at Sandy for rat infestations

Even though it has been over a year since Hurricane Sandy hit, effects of the storm are still causing cities and families headaches, especially with rat infestations.

The number of calls for rat control in NJ has gone up crucially since Sandy. Many phone calls have been made to pest control companies for rat removal.

Rodents carry diseases, not only by biting, but they carry diseases in their feces, saliva, and urine. We are being exposed to salmonella, the plague, etc. when rats are infesting homes. Some believed that the hurricane would reduce rat infestation with the floods, but rats can climb and are very good swimmers. Rats can start infesting areas they never did before.

Families have been noticing rat droppings in their bedroom area, holes in their walls, ripped couches, etc. There have been a couple families that have moved out of their homes due to rat infestations that arose after Sandy.

People have been calling for a rat exterminator in NJ and in New York to help them get rid of this problem that has became a big issue for many families.

The rodent increase has occurred due to empty buildings that were being fixed and re-constructed. Home owners can help reduce rodent problems, by not leaving food around and discarding trash responsibly.



Jersey City man forced out of flea infested house

Jersey City police had to force a man out of his home due to his house having a flea infestation. The man was asked repetitively to go into the decontamination tent that was placed outside his house. The man refused until four Emergency Service Unit officers grabbed the man by his arms. After he was forced into the decontamination tent, that is when he became compliant. The woman who lived at the house willingly complied. EMTs had came across the infestation when they arrived on the scene to help the female resident of the home. She had fallen and could not get up, according to police officer.

EMTs stated they could smell the stench of dog feces before they reached the door of the home. Inside, police found two dogs infested with fleas. The fleas had infested the entire house and there was dog feces everywhere.

The couple had to have a flea exterminator in NJ exterminate their home due to all the fleas that had reproduced on the dog and the home itself. The couple were living off of Social Security, so they were not able to afford it. The police said the city health officials planned to board up the house and send the dogs to an animal shelter to be decontaminated.

Neighbors say the man who was escorted out of his home with force, had lost his house for not having flea control exterminate his old home. He then moved in with the woman and it happened again.

Got Termites?

Termites cause over $2 billion dollars of damage each year. Termites have been labeled as the “silent destroyer,” and most of the time, they go unnoticed for a long period of time.

There are different types of termites. The Eastern Subterranean Termite is the most common termite in America. These are the only termites found in Northern New Jersey.

When underground, each termite has a specific role – reproductive, worker, or soldier. The workers and the soldiers are almost blind. Since they spend their lives in the dark, the have no need to develop operative eyes. The reproductive termites are the only ones that need eye and use their eyesight. They need it in order to fly to find mates and a new home to feed off of.

Termites hide beneath flooring, behind siding, walls and wood trim. They also eat 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Without the eye of a termite exterminator in NJ, the damage it can create on someone’s home is traumatic.

One in five homes in New Jersey are expected to be invaded by these pests. Termite control companies are frequently being called to save a person’s home from being destroyed.

Goldman’s New Jersey Office Infested & Is Pushing To Bring In Bed Bug Exterminators

In the office of Goldman, there appears to be an infestation of bed bugs, or at least there is some fear that there might be.

A Goldman spokeswoman denied the incident to ABC News, but two sources told the news that there has been a treatment done twice by an exterminator in NJ.

Employees who work in Goldman’s Jersey City, N.J., office tower have been moved from certain floors and were ordered out of the building whenever the pest control company came to check and spray for bed bugs.