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Dogs Sniff for Bed Bugs in Dorms

Colleges are taking precautions to keep bed bugs out of dorms. Specific schools have an exterminator with bed bug sniffing dogs going through dorms to make sure students can sleep with out getting bit.

In Wisconsin, they are using a beagle to sniff out the critters roaming around their colleges.

The dogs are being trained to sniff bed bugs by professionals and are being handed off to exterminators in NJ and other exterminators in different locations.

There has been an out break of bed bugs across the country. Bed bugs are multiplying like never before. Many schools and colleges are doing everything they can to prevent this problem.

Students are noticing that their health and well being are being cared about. Even though bed bugs do not transmit anything infectious, they do bite you when you are asleep. They also multiply fast.

Schools want students and parents’ minds at ease so they can move into a clean and sanitized environment and if there is a problem they can handle it immediately.

House Caught on Fire Trying to Kill Bed Bugs

In Woodbury, NJ, a homeowner set his house on fire trying to kill bed bugs. Instead of getting a bed bug exterminator in NJ to treat the home, he decided to do a treatment of his own.

The homeowner used a space heater, hair dryer and heat gun to try to kill the bed bugs. He knew exterminators in NJ used heating products to kill bed bugs, but he thought he was able to do it on his own.

When the homeowners’ house caught on fire, fire fighters rushed over to put out the fire, but 30 minutes later the house caught on fire again. They later found out that none of the devices were unplugged after the first fire which caused the house to catch on fire again.

Three firefighters were injured and the home owner was hospitalized when they were fighting the fire.

Bed Bugs Attack NYC Schools

In New York City schools, people are saying the bed bug situation is getting worse. Children are learning a tough lesson about bed bugs because they have found their way of life in many classrooms.

A teacher of 23 years stated he has never seen it this bad. Kids are required to now take their book bags and coats, put it in big blue bags, zip them up and hang them up. In the first two months of this school year there were 330 confirmed cases of bed bugs in NYC schools, compared with last year, there were only 135.

Bed bugs have been spreading and the city has been cutting back on exterminators. Nine years ago there were 77 exterminators and 149 pest control aids. Now there are only 33 exterminators and 28 pest control aids. Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer, stated, “No wonder bed bug are winning and thriving in schools”.

The school employees were told if they see a bed bug, they are to catch them, put them in an envelope and mail it to the department of education. When they confirm it is a bed bug, that is when an exterminator will be sent out to exterminate the school. Many parents are upset because they feel as if the bites show enough proof that there are bed bugs.

Landlords Responsible For Bed Bug Exterminations

Legislation that would make landlords responsible for paying for bedbug exterminations has passed an Assembly panel.

Landlords who do not take action and get an exterminator to treat an infestation would face fines of $300 per infested apartment and $1,000 per infested common area.

Reports of bedbug infestations have increased by almost 500 percent in the last decade, due to foreign travelers. Pest control companies in NJ are very busy due to the high population of bed bugs.

It is now a renters’ responsibilities to inform their landlords if bed bugs are detected.

Goldman’s New Jersey Office Infested & Is Pushing To Bring In Bed Bug Exterminators

In the office of Goldman, there appears to be an infestation of bed bugs, or at least there is some fear that there might be.

A Goldman spokeswoman denied the incident to ABC News, but two sources told the news that there has been a treatment done twice by an exterminator in NJ.

Employees who work in Goldman’s Jersey City, N.J., office tower have been moved from certain floors and were ordered out of the building whenever the pest control company came to check and spray for bed bugs.