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Jersey City man forced out of flea infested house

Jersey City police had to force a man out of his home due to his house having a flea infestation. The man was asked repetitively to go into the decontamination tent that was placed outside his house. The man refused until four Emergency Service Unit officers grabbed the man by his arms. After he was forced into the decontamination tent, that is when he became compliant. The woman who lived at the house willingly complied. EMTs had came across the infestation when they arrived on the scene to help the female resident of the home. She had fallen and could not get up, according to police officer.

EMTs stated they could smell the stench of dog feces before they reached the door of the home. Inside, police found two dogs infested with fleas. The fleas had infested the entire house and there was dog feces everywhere.

The couple had to have a flea exterminator in NJ exterminate their home due to all the fleas that had reproduced on the dog and the home itself. The couple were living off of Social Security, so they were not able to afford it. The police said the city health officials planned to board up the house and send the dogs to an animal shelter to be decontaminated.

Neighbors say the man who was escorted out of his home with force, had lost his house for not having flea control exterminate his old home. He then moved in with the woman and it happened again.