Bed Bugs found in William Paterson University in New Jersey

A student in William Paterson University had experienced an issue with bed bugs. The student was fixing her belongings when she had noticed a bed bug on her pillow case. A sophmore had many bites on her arms and the bed bugs had left big welts on her arms. The student tried telling the school to move her into another room, but it was not permitted because the school did not want to contaminate other rooms in the building.

The students were very upset because they had to sleep with uncomfortable bugs living in their rooms. Students claim no one wants to be around them because other people act like they have some type of disease and they feel like outcasts. word spread quickly about which rooms had a bed bug issue. The school did not notice how big the problem was until they had many students file a complaint about having a bed bug issue in their dorm room. they had bed bug exterminators in NJ try to eliminate the problem. The students wanted a bed bug control in NJ to exterminate the whole building, not only the rooms that were infested.

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