Bedbugs, roaches, dogs, 22 cats & woman evacuated from her home

A downtown Jersey City resident was removed from her home after inspectors found her house infested with bed bugs, roaches, cats, and dogs. The house was scattered with animal feces. The landlord than decided to call the police and was trying to get her out of the house in order to get a bed bug exterminator to get rid of the severe problem.

James Boor, the city’s chief health officer, stated “The conditions were horrible and the stench was unbelievable.” ” It was hard to breathe inside. The smell was overpowering”. The tenant was a 60 year old lady with 20 cats and two dogs.

The apartment had a very bad infestation with the roaches and bed bugs. The roaches were mixed in with the cat food and the cats were eating the roaches with the food. The health officer stated, that was the worst situation he has seen in a long time and an exterminator in NJ was needed ASAP to fumigate the house.

The tenant was offered medical treatment as a preventative measure, due to the conditions the tenant was living in, but she denied the treatment.

The tenant was given a summon for creating a public hazard. She may be cited for animal cruelty. This was not the first time city inspectors have reported to the tenants residences.

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