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Raccoon tests positive for rabies in Middlesex, New Jersey

In Metuchen, NJ, health services are reporting that raccoons are being tested positive for rabies.

This has been the 13th case reported within Middlesex county for 2013. Recently, a skunk was tested positive for rabies in Plainsboro.

Animal Control in NJ responded to a complaint that a pet dog killed a raccoon in a yard of a resident’s home. The raccoon was sent to the New Jersey Department of Health Laboratory for examination.

A couple days after the raccoon was brought to the lab for testing, it was reported that the animal was tested positive for rabies.

The pet dog was brought to a vet and received rabies vaccinations and was left there for 45 days for observation.

The Middlesex County Office of Health Services was administering flyers and fact sheets in the area about rabies. They also had an animal removal company discarding dead animals around for residents who reported wild animals, showing unusual behavior.

Residents were told by the Health Department to avoid contact with wild animals and to immediately report any bites from a wild animal to a local health department and consult their primary doctor.