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MiteBuster is a pest control company dedicated to providing exterminating services and products. We specialize in IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods, utilizing highly-resarched and up-to-date extermination techniques to provide our customers with safe and effective quality service. As a fully diverse pest control company, we offer treatments utilizing natural pest control solutions or top-rated pesticides offering you a complete and efficient pest management program.

Pictures of Bedbugs and BedBug Bites

Picture of Baby BedBug Nymph Picture of BedBug Infestation Picture of BedBug Excrement On Mattress Picture of BedBugs On Mattress Picture of Adult BedBug Magnified Picture of BedBug Harborage Picture of BedBug Nymph Picture of BedBug Bite On Neck Picture of BedBug Bite On Leg Picture of BedBug Exoskeleton

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BedBug Extermination

BedBug Exterminator NY, NJ

MiteBuster specializes in Bed Bug Control services. Please visits our bedbug exterminating page at Bedbug Exterminator

Pest Control

Pest Control Services NY, NJ

We offer monthly/quarterly pest control services and monitoring programs for Roaches, Rodents, Termites, Ants and more in NJ and NY

BedBug Spray & Powder

Natural Bedbug Spray & Powder

BedBug Terminator is a Natural solution that can be used to eliminate Bed Bugs and many other insects as well.
BedBug Spray & Powder

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With experienced exterminators who specialize in ridding your home of bedbugs, roaches, rodents, termites, ants and more. Mitebuster is a pest control service in NJ.
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